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Old friends are a GEM

Dear Max,

Welcome to the 30 club! Or almost, as you are probably receiving this during the 30 days of Max in lead up to your birthday. I love this prolonged celebration of you, you 100% deserve it.

Max, you are one of those genuine friends that do not come around too often in a lifetime. I am really grateful to have you in my life. When I reflect on our friendship, one thing I love is thinking about all of the awkward growing pains of life we have been through together. We were such young kids when we met. We've been with each other through hang outs that went through entire permutations of high school lunch, movie nights, that one time Kate Christian's parents were there? Rocky Horror Picture show?!, trying to be cool at parties --> getting way too inebriated in Somerville somewhere (or know what I'm referencing LOL) --> deep talks watching NYE fireworks on the roof with Will. Not to mention the teenage horrors of learning how to parallel park and awkward slow dances in a high school cafeteria, but more seriously, life's challenges and tragedies, too. Throughout, you've been there for me, and I've always known I can count on you. You're one of those people I know I could call any time even if we haven't talked for awhile, we'll pick up right where we left off, and that is so precious.

Some of my favorite memories with you are watching you get super nervous to sing karaoke in French in Montreal and then ABSOLUTELY CRUSHING IT + the covered bridge, running in circles looking at the stars until the stars spin (somehow this was preparation for leading Kairos?), and this last time in NYC. I loved seeing you & Brisa together, you are both so warm, vibrant, intelligent, and your lives seemed SO Manhattan to me. I loved going on a long walk through Manhattan with you and talking about grown up real-life adult things, securely on the other side of our awkward teenage days, just two old friends.

I hope you have a wonderful birthday month. I hope that you and Brisa are going on more adventures soon! You deserve all the happiness. I hope this decade tops the last. And, to quote the woman who came to the Montreal karaoke bar alone & wasted & left it all on the floor, I WILL ALWAYS LOVE YOU! Happy birthday Max!

- Meg Byrne


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