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DOUBLE MND BREAK: A Blessing for Max on his 30th Birthday (Month)

From Lisa Kirchgestner

This blessing has waited thirty years

to find you on a New York midsummer’s eve,

which is to say, this blessing is patient.

It wants to holler, “Today!”

and whisper “yesterday” too.

For even as the seriousness of life encroaches,

inviting you to all manner of concerns,

this blessing remembers your wise child

is actually still playing, loyal

to the most serious work of all.

This blessing will not tell you

who you are or ought to be

but that it knows at least some

of your many names, given and chosen.

Max, Lothar, Stone Hands, Friend.

For this blessing has been collecting moments,

like bees gather pollen for now and for later,

like a lucky mom listening in a red minivan

as kids let go of schoolyard for backyard.

I cannot tell you how, but this blessing

also perches in treetops

deep in the Oregon woods

awaiting campfire visitations,

and high in the corner picture molding

counting Mondays like hidden treasure,

swaying to the banter

bracing for broken glass, clocks, and shelves

all mended with laughter.

Be assured, this blessing cannot

outrun your unfolding,

cannot see farther than you let it,

but follows close and waits for moments

like these, like a bell waits to ring out,

“This and this and this is joy, joy, joy.”

Let this blessing echo back to you

your years of play, years of goodness,

years of risk and emergence,

and may what returns resound:

“You are loved…you are…you…!”


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